Ranthambore National Park in each and every dimension is the perfect place for exploring the true wilderness. The most common question that arose is that what is the best time to visit Ranthambore.

The Ranthambore remains open from October to June. The summer is a very good time to visit Ranthambore if you want to explore the tigers.

There may be a situation when tigers are not found but you may find animals like leopards, wild boars, sloths, and chitals.

Winters are the best time to visit Ranthambore to enjoy and spend quality time.

But during monsoon, the park remains closed. Famous tigers of ranthambore are T-24,.T-17,T-19,T-25,T-20,T-28,T-39,T-41,Bina one, Bia two etc.
Eventually, the ideal time to explore the Ranthambore National Park is the months between October and March when one can experience pleasurable climate, covered with a bunch of flowers that attract the visitors by giving eye-catching scene.

If you are preparing your journey in between late December and early January, be ready with winter clothes to keep you warm in the cold weather.

The Ranthambore is present in the Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern Rajasthan, which is about 130 km from Jaipur. There are a total of 10 safari zones in Ranthambore National Park which is one of the huge and popular national parks in Northern India.

Perhaps each and every safari zone is unique and best in its own way, every safari zone has different varieties of animals.

Because of the rainy season, visitors are not allowed in the park during the months of July to September.

The good time to visit Ranthambore is from November to March when the climate is perfect and you can spot the animals without having any issues because of the bad climate.

There are two safaris a day from October to June, one starting in the morning and the other late in the afternoon.

Perhaps, after the sunrise morning safari starts within an hour and before the sunset the evening safari halts. Consequently, the timings change slightly in a month or two.

The temperature varies from 45-degree Celcius in the day time and can fall up to 2-degree Celcius at night. Be prepared accordingly, so that you can enjoy the trip completely.

Usually, winters and summers are best to visit Ranthambore as the park remains closed in monsoon.

If you want to plan your trip to the Ranthambore then by knowing all the details in advance you will have the idea of the best time to visit Ranthambore.
The area of majestic tiger Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan opens from 1st October to 30th June.

Ranthambore national park has beautiful winters, so winter is the perfect time to visit Ranthambore and it is known as the best place to enjoy the tiger sighting.

Usually, the summer seasons are too hot there but very exciting. The park remains closed during monsoon.

Wildlife adventures are mostly discovered during winter months. Perform the proper season-wise planning for your trip.

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