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Ranthambore Fort

Ranthambore Fort a world heritage site by UNESCO was constructed by Nagil Jats in 944AD on Rann and Thanboor hills. Later the fort was ruled by Mewar Kingdom. After that Mughal Emperor Akbar ruled fort in 1559 and at the time of India’s independence the fort was with the rulers of Jaipur Kingdom because the varieties of religion and culture rulers ruled in Ranthambore it reflects in the monument, sculptures of Ranthambore fort.  The fort gives a panoramic view of Ranthambore National park as it is situated 700 feet above from the plain area. From the hills of fort to langurs of Ganesh temple everything will mesmerize you. Many temples, jain temples, mosques are built up by the rulers in their centuries inside Ranthambore fort. Ranthambore fort has lot to give to its visitor like Ganesh Temple, Hammir Court, Badal Mahal, 36 pillar’s pillar.

Ganesh Temple in Ranthambore

Ganesh Temple in Ranthamboreis a hindu temple which was built by King Hameer in 1299AD when the war was broke down between him and Ala-ud-din Khilji. Historians believes that after the war gets over between King Hammer and King Allaudin Khilji an idol stamped out from one of the walls of the fort with three eyes that is why this temple was named as Trinetra Ganesh Temple after that Hammer placed three idols with Trinetra Ganesh i.e. Riddhi Siddhi (his wife) and two sons (Shub Labh) along with the idol of mushak (mouse, his vehicle). Ranthambore Trinetra Ganesh Temple is very much famous in India because of its unique tradition i.e. the first card in any of the hindu family goes to Trinetra Ganesh Temple. Throughout the year devotees comes to Ganesh Temple to invite Lord Ganesha in their functions and give the temple their function’s card and every letter has been ready by the Pujari (priest) of Temple.

Jogi Mahal

Jogi Mahal a magnificent small palace is nestled inside the Ranthambore forest on the bank of Padam talao. Jogi Mahal (Palace) doest not seems less than a fairy tell house in the mid of the jungle of Ranthambore. Near to jogi mahal a world’s second largest banyan trees is situated which is again an addon for Jogi Mahal. This Mahal was once a guest house for the Royals of Jaipur Kingdom.

Rajiv Gandhi regional museum of natural history

Rajiv Gandhi Museum is another best place to see Ranthambore which is located in Ramsinghpura village on Ranthambore Road. It is the fourth number regional museum of Natural History of India. The first regional museum of natural history was built in Mysore in India. It was constructed in the total area of 7.2 acre land and it was opened to make people aware about the conservation of natural heritage, plants, animals, reptiles of the region because every species played a great role in our ecosystem. There are different galleries in museum  of Ranthambore which displays the origin and evolution of life, Enviromental conservation, desert, biomes, ecosphere and biodiversity of Rajasthan and specially Ranthambore. The Rajiv Gandhi Museums timing are quite different from normal museum it remains open from Tuesday to Sunday it remains closed on Mondays.

National Chambal Safari

In the amidst of the forest if someone wants to leave the real jungle boat life National Chambal Sanctuary which lies in south of Ranthambore National Park on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh states is a perfect wildlife destination where visitor can spot the Gharials & Skimmers, Marsh Crocodiles(Muggers), Indian Striped Hyenas, Jungle Cats, turtles, foxes, Golden Jackals, Indian Wolves  and rich birdlife. National Chambal Sanctuary is important area for 320 species of resident and migratory birds.

Ranthambore School of Art

Ranthambore Art — if you want to see the art of Ranthambore this is the perfect studio to see in Ranthambore. This Non-Governmental organization body was set up with the aim to insert the top preadtor tiger in psyche of people. Ranthambore school of arts admits students from the Ranthambore periphery villages to make aware people for tiger conservation. It is also advisable to all school, educational institute to take a visit of Ranthambore art gallery.

Village Tour in Ranthambore

To take a real feel of village wildlife a village tour is highly recommendable in Ranthambore surrounding areas because incredible India lies in village areas. To explore the outskirts of Ranthambore camel ride is useful it will give the visitors the real feel of village life, guest will see the villagers going to water bodies of rural areas to take drinking water. Life in village areas are very tough due to lack of waters supplies, electricity shortcut, tough roads, improper education system but still people of villages are very happy and they know how to cope up with all these difficulties and they know the reality doesn’t lies in materialistic happiness. You will find old villager sitting below the banyan tree telling their life experiences in village, people making artistic goods, ornament, traditional clothes, block printing designs on clothes and one of the most beautiful things is you will never find them complaining to god they are very close to their god and starts and ends their day by worship their lord.

Handicraft of Ranthambore

Over the years the Ranthambore handicraft has become popular in all over the world. Many big fashion designers, jewelry designers have launched their collection with the name of Ranthambore by using the designs & material of Ranthambore. In 1989 many villagers of Khilchipur and Sherpur have contributed their lands for the royal predator conservation. After that some foundations have contacted big firms to contribute and educate the villagers towards handicraft and then educated contributors helped village women to convert their traditional craft skill into a meaning full employment, income generation. Today crafters use their skills at patchwork, block printing, and black pottery to create quilts, bags, toys, and other souvenirs and the villager’s attitude have changed towards education, purdah system, caste, creed. The income of artisans has increased over the years now they have gas stoves to cook their food, they started educating their girls child and now they have their pukka house.

Your small contribution can make a big change in someone life…..

Forest Safari

Ranthambore is one of the most fascinating place which attracts the Animal and Bird lovers from all over the country and outside. Ranthambore is home to the top most predators i.e. tigers (king of forest). In 1948 the population of tigers were decreased rapidly in view of this government came up with Sawai M

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National Chambal Safari

In the amidst of the forest if someone wants to leave the real jungle boat life National Chambal Sanctuary which lies in south of Ranthambore National Park on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh states is a perfect wildlife destination where visitor can spot the Gharials & Skimmers, Marsh Crocodil

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